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International Air Rally of Malta

The International Air Rally of Malta was held for the first time in October 1969 at Hal-Far airfield. Although under the administration of the British Forces, its importance was constantly diminishing, both military and civil activity concentrating around Luqa Airport. It has been held annually ever since, except for 1972, the location remaining Hal-Far until 1978, when this airfield became Maltese Government property. With the future of Hal-Far set to become an industrial area, a change in venue was made to Luqa Airport from 1979 onwards.

The time of year was also changed from October to around the third week of June, roughly the weekend of 21st-22nd. Participants arrive on a Saturday, sometimes a Sunday, departing on a Wednesday morning. However, for the benefit of participants who would like to bring their children along for a week-end break, the rally is now held during the first week-end of July.

The data in this page has been gathered from my own records, as well as publications of the Malta Aviation Society. I also acknowledge the assistance (in alphabetical order) of Brian Attard, Robert Camilleri, Victor Pisani, Saviour Schembri and Roger Xuereb Archer.

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Air Rally

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