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Air Rally participants, 1980-1989
11th edition, 21-25 June 1980.

Participation was slightly down from the 1979 edition, but still attracted a very respectable 46 entrants.

Each qualifying rallyist received an 11th Air Rally momento, presented by the organising committee of the International Air Rally of Malta.

Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee 6 9H-AAI P. Ripard. Runner-up Arrival Competition. 1974
Avion Robin DR-360 D-EFAB P. Beier 1971
Beechcraft 60 D-IKTG P. Landgraf. Winner, Arrival & Longest Distance Flown Competitions. (From Sondrestrom, Greenland, 67 degrees 01 minutes North, 50 degrees 43 minutes West.)  
Cessna U206G D-EIML H. Faulhaber 1979
Cessna C210 D-EADR P. Bohmer 1975
Cessna 421C D-EIHL R. Evans 1968
Fuji FA-200-180 Aero Subaru D-EIFK W. Dess 1972 c/n 185
Mooney M20F D-EHRM W. Dieyz Arr. on Sunday. 1970
Partenavia P68V D-GANA R. Janiak 1977
Piper PA-34 Seneca D-GAWP Mrs. M. McSer Arr. on Sunday. 1972
Robin HR 100/250 D-EKRF H. P. Huppert 1977
Robin DR253 D-EFZV H. Sommer 1967
Rockwell International RC112 D-EHXK W. Haygis 1973
Robin DR400 F-BXEC Y. Pelerins. Runner-up, Concours D’Elegance Class A. 1974
Cessna 210L G-BENF F. Jones. Winner, Highest-placed single-engined aircraft, Runner-up in the Timed Section Competition, Third place, Overall Air Rally. 1976
Cessna F337G Skymaster II G-BFGH J. G. Lunt. Runner-up, Flight Planning & Longest Distance Flown Competitions. (From Blackpool UK, 56 degrees 46 minutes North, 03 degrees 02 minutes West.) 1977
Cessna 310 G-AWTA A. Wiltshire 1968
Cessna 310 G-BCDI D. Tearle 1974
Cessna 310Q G-BBXL A. P. Rosner Arr. on Sunday. 1974
Cessna 340 IIIA G-MAGS D. Gold, Winner of Overall Air Rally, Highest Placed, Multi-engined aircraft catagory, Timed Section, Flight Planning & Concours D’Eelegance Class B Competitions. 1979
Fuji FA-200-180 G-BCKS J. T. Hicks 1974
Gulfstream American Cheetah AA5A G-BHKU B. J. Austin 1980
Piper PA-18 Super Club G-NICK Ms. J. O’Donnell. Winner, Novice competition. 1947
Piper PA-23 Aztec G-AYMO R. Gold. Runner-up, Concours D’Elegance Class B competition. 1964
Piper PA-23 Aztec G-BHXX T. Wein 1965
Piper PA-28R Arrow G-AWEZ D. O. Hooper 1968
Piper PA-28R Arrow 200 G-AYII I. R. Cummings 1970
Piper PA-28 Arrow III G-IBFW B. F. Walker 1978
Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche G-ASMA M. G. Edmonds 1963
Piper PA-32 Lance II G-XMAS J. C. Turner Arr. on Sunday. 1978
Piper PA-39 Twin Commanche G-AYZE J. R. Fuller, Runner-up, Overall Air rally, Second Highest Placed, Multi-engined aircraft category. 1970
Rutan Varieze G-LASS P. J. Calvert. Winner, Most Sporting Entry Competition. 1979
Cessna 177RG Cardinal HB-CNM J. C. Manini Arr. on Sunday. 1978
Cessna 172FR Rocket I-CCAS G. Guido 1975
Cessna 182 Skylane LX-GHL Ms. A. Heiderscheid 1979
Cessna 340 N1727G E. Schwarze 1974
Cessna 182K Skylane OE-DDW P. Zuber 1967
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee OE-DFX E. Fiel 1978
Cessna 182 OE-DGK E. Wegerer 1974
R/Cessna FR172K Hawk XP OE-DIX B. Naglich 1976
Piper PA-28R OE-DPV H. Zill 1970
Rockwell Commander 112A OO-VGV F. Van Rompaey. Winner, Concours D’Elegance Class A Competition, and Runner-up, Highest Placed, Single-engined aircraft catagory. 1974
Piper PA-28-RT-201 Arrow IV OO-PAR Ms. E. Stifani. Winner, Highest Placed Lady Entrant. 1979
Grumman American AA5A PH-CDW G. Van Heugten Arr. on Sunday. 1974
Cessna 182P PH-CFY A. C. Ruiter 1973
Piper PA-28 Archer II PH-PDW C. Van Kempen Arr. on Sunday. 1976

Cancellations – 1980

Auster J/1N G-AJEH D. G. Cresswell 1946
Cessna 182H Skylane I-SKIM Mrs. R. M. Giavi 1966


12th edition, 20- 24 June, 1981

This is not a complete list.

At least 47 entrants, 20 of whom were British, followed by 14 Germans, followed by 4 Austrians, 2 entries from the Netherlands and Switzerland, and an entry each from France and Italy. A further two entries were US-registered, but Europe-based.

The Aero Club Competition was won by the Headcorn Flying Club, (Peter Wood & Geoff Daryn. Runner up was the Yorkshire Aeroplane Club (John Terry & Colin Bradbury).

Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee 6 9H-AAI P. Ripard. Runner-up, Arrival Competition. 1974
Beechcraft 36 Bonanza D-EKIX P. Greiner 1978
Bolkow BP 207 D-EFRU A. Spreng 1963
Cessna 172 D-EFBP P. Landgraf. Runner-up, Longest Distance Flown Competition (Mehamn, Norway, in the Article Circle, 71 degrees 01 minutes 46 seconds North, 27 degrees 49 minutes 40 seconds East.) 1980
Cessna 210 D-ENIL H. Sontag 1974
Cessna 337 D-IKHL P. Lindner 1975
Piper PA-28 Cherokee D-EADF E. Krakenberger 1975
Piper PA-28 Cherokee D-EFWN F. Pommer 1970
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee D-EGKM W. Kessler 1979 c/n 28-8090223
Fuji FA-200-180 Aero Subaru D-EIFK J. Rettenbacher 1973
Piper PA-34-200 Seneca D-GAWP Mrs. M. Moser. Winner, Highest Placed Lady Entrant. 1972
Rockwell 112 D-EHXK W. Haygis 1973
Robin DR360 D-EFAB M. Haas 1974
Robin HR.100/210D Safari D-EHDG H. Huppert 1977
Socata TB.10 Tobago D-EGKO P. Beier 1981
Avion Robin DR.400/160 Knight F-GAVH Y. Pelerins. 1979. c/n 1262.
Avion Pierre Robin DR46 G-BAMS J. Ellis. Runner-up, Timed Section Competition. 1972
Beechcraft 23 Musketeer G-AYYU A. Clements 1971
Cessna F117RG Cardinal G-BFHK J. Balmer 1977
Cessna F182Q Skylane G-BHIC R. Walker 1980
Cessna 182 Skylane G-ORAY R. Holt 1980
Cessna C337 G-AWVS P. Crispe 1969
Cessna 340 G-MAGS D. Gold. Winner Overall Air Rally & Flight Planning Competions, runner-up Concours D’Elegance. 1979
Fuji FA.200 G-BCKS J. Hicks 1974
Grumman AA5B Tiger G-BFHS J. Fazackerley 1978
Grumman American AA7 G-BGHL B. Austin 1978
MS Rallye 180 G-AZMZ G. Daryn 1971
Piper PA-23 Aztec G-AXKD B. Bailey 1970
Piper PA-23 Aztec G-AYMO R. Gold 1967
Piper PA-23 Aztec G-BHXX E. Wein 1973
Piper PA-28 Cherokee G-OTUX M. Quadrini 1977
Piper PA-28 Cherokee G-ASWX D. Robinson 1963
Robin HR100/210 Royale G-BBPW P. Wood. Winner, Highest Placed Single-engined aircraft and Concours D’Elegance, runner-up, Flight Planning Competition, third place, Overall Air Rally. 1973
Rockwell AC14 G-BFAI J. Terry 1977
Rockwell AC14 G-BOLT D. Hooper 1978
Socata Rallye G-BIAM J. McDermott 1980
Cessna 177 Cardinal HB-CNM J. Manini 1977
Mooney M20K Model 231 HB-DFO M. Reiser 1979 c/n 25-0129
Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche I-TJTJ B F. Nicolato 1967
Cessna 340 N1727G E. Schwarze 1975
Cessna 172 N4764J H. Zill 1980
R/Cessna FR172K Hawk XP OE-DIX D. Naglidch 1977, c/n FR17200594S
Cessna 210 Centurion OE-DFN N. Kotz 1976
Piper PA-28R Cherokee OE-DPV W. Kock 1973
Socata TB.10 Tobago OE-DUS Dr. Kamlander Did not compete.
Cessna F172 PH-GAW G. Wildshut. Winner, Most Sporting Entry competition. 1964
Cessna 172 PH-GYS J. Van Der Meer 1979


13th edition, 19-23 June 1982

Of the 39 participants, 19 were from the UK followed by 12 Germans (which included a US-registered aircraft), two Dutch, and single entries from France, Norway and Switzerland. There were also 3 crews from Algeria.

This edition will also be remembered for the only, so far, warbird participation, in the form of NA T-6 Harvard. Sadly, this aircraft crashed on the 22nd during a sight-seeing trip, resulting in two fatalities.

Piper Cherokee 7T-VHC  
Piper PA-28 Cherokee 7T-VHD  
Piper PA-28 Cherokee 7T-VHE  
R/Cessna FR172H Rocket D-EEYJ c/n 17200322
Cessna P210N Pressurise Centurion II D-EDWB c/n P21000571 pi N732AC
Mooney M.20F Executive D-EJHE c/n 670388 pi N3295F
Mooney M2OJ Model 201 D-ECMF c/n 24-1011 pi (N4005H)
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee D D-EAUX c/n 28-5423 pi N7996N
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II D-EDYP c/n 28-7890545 pi N39625
Piper PA-28 Cherokee D-EGKM  
Robin DR.400/180 Regent D-EEGT c/n 1061
Robin DR.400/180 Regent D-EOHG c/n 1402
Rockwell Commander 112 D-EHXK c/n 121 pi N1005J (N1121J)
Socata TB.10 D-EGKO  
CEA DR.250/160 Captaine F-BMZP c/n 4
Beechcraft BE-33A G-ENSI  
Beeechcraft Baron G-BDWK  
Cessna 177 G-BFGF  
Cessna 172 G-BFIV  
Cessna 172 G-FANL  
Cessna 172 G-OVFR  
Cessna 182 G-ORAY  
Cessna 340 G-MAGS  
Dornier do.28 G-ASUR  
NA T-6 G-ELLY Crashed during a pleasure flight on the 22nd. Two fatalities.
Partinavia P68C G-NEWU Pilot was forced to shut down one engine after passing Gozo due to low fuel levels.
Piper PA-23 Aztec G-ATMU  
Piper PA-39 G-AYZE  
Avion Robin HR00/210 G-BBAW  
Avion Robin HR100/210 G-BBPW  
Grumman American AA.5A G-BHKU  
Grumman American AA.5B G-PENN  
Rockwell Commander 112 G-BDEJ  
Cessna 177RG Cardinal RG HB-CNM c/n 177RG1355 pi N53062
Cessna 340 N1727G  
Cessna 182A LN-TSB c/n 33977 pi N5977B
R/Cessna F172L PH-ADW c/n F17200841 pi OK-CKB
Piper PA-28 Cherokee PH-DAK  

14th Edition, 18-22 June 1983

The following article, written by John Visanich, first appeared in the Luqa Aviation Yearbook 1983/84, and is being reproduced by kind permission.

Number One Park at Luqa Airport was the venue on the 18th and 19th June, 1983, for 91 rallyists who flew south to Malta in 35 light aircraft, seeking sunshine, relaxation, and the warm hospitality of the Maltese people.

The Rally's aim is "to promote Malta as a centre to which light aviation enthusiasts from throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean can rally and enjoy the hospitality and amenities of the country and its people". Looking back at fourteen Malta Air Rallies one can safely say that the Organizing Committee, led by Capt. George E. Kissaun, has succeeded in its aims.

The 14th International Air Rally of Malta was held between the 18th and 22nd June, 1983, and, as in the previous five years, arrivals were spread over two days. The majority of aircraft, however, came in on the 18th as the second day was only available on request. Heaviest participation came from the Federal Republic of Germany with 20 aircraft, followed by the U.K. with 11. For the first time in Malta Rally's history three lightplanes, two Comanches and a Bonanza - actually crossed the Atlantic from Madison, Wisconsin. Last but not least there was a sole entrant from Switzerland in the form of Cessna 402B HB-LNU.

On their arrival at Luqa Airport the rallyists were met by members of the Organizing Committee and the usual lovely hostesses who were standing by with a very welcome glass of cool champagne. Who would refuse with a temperature of 32C on the apron!

As usually happens with one or two entrants, there were no last- minute cancellations and by early afternoon on Sunday all aircraft on the arrivals list were in Park One. It was rather ironic that the U.S. participants failed to qualify for the Longest Distance Flown Competition as, due to the extreme length of their journey, they had to leave home before the stipulated date of June 8th, 1983.

From the aircraft enthusiast's point of view, there wasn't much to remember the Rally by. Amidst the rows of Pipers, Cessnas, and Robins on the apron there were very few eye-catchers. Foremost of these was undoubtedly Ray Holt's newly-acquired and immaculately maintained Beechcraft Duchess G-OPAT, finished in a very attractive light and dark blue paint scheme. Mr. Holt, a regular participant in the Malta Rally, paid special attention down to the last detail, such as decorative engraving on the cabin windows and personal wheel chocks bearing plates with the aircraft's registration. This earned him a very well deserved runner-up trophy in the Concours d'Elegance with 98.7 points out of 100, second only to John Terry's equally well-cared-for Partenavia Victor G-NEWU which topped the list with 99.8 points. It is pertinent to point out that it is not just the exterior equipment and furnishings, navigation aids, radio communications and safety equipment. Bonus points are also awarded according to the age of the aircraft. One other striking paint job was that worn by Grumman Cougar G-REAT, consisting of very dark blue overall with red and white trim.

An unusual feature of this year's line-up was the presence of five Mooneys, all West German registered. Not being a common type in the Malta Rally, this aircraft appears to be gaining popularity despite the age of the basic design. Oldest aircraft taking part was Comanche N5425P which was manufactured in 1958, followed by Comanche N6032P and Bonanza D-EMEF, both in 1959. Other points worthy of note were J. Manini's attractive Cessna 402B HB-LNU which carried "Rhone Airways" titling on the fuselage sides and Cherokee 181 D- EGKM sporting a large LeKG.41 badge on the fin.

There is a total of 11 different competitions in the Malta Rally, the four most important of which, namely Arrival, Timed Section, Flight Planning, and Concours d'Elegance, make up the Air Rally Overall Competition. The most testing of these is the Arrival Competition, in which an entrant is awarded points for precision of time, manner of approach, and accuracy of passage as judged by observers at the Gozo NDB, which is the arrival point of the Rally. This was won by J. Terry in Partenavia Victor G-NEWU, totalling 562 points out of a maximum 580. Close behind followed E. Beeker-Boost in Bonanza D-EMEF with 554 points. Winner of the Timed Section Competition, which is the accuracy of Allocated Elapse Time between Gozo NDB and Luqa Control Tower, was J. Zlataric in Mooney D-EMOM with a perfect 120 ex 120 points. C. N. Robinson in Skylane G-ORAY was runner-up with a very near 119 points. The Flight Planning Competition Trophy went to R. Holt of Duchess G-OPAT with 96 points ex 100. The coveted Maltese Falcon Trophy of the Overall Competition went to J. Terry (G-NEWU) despite a round "O" for Flight Planning after failing to submit a Flight Plan. However, Terry's points accumulated in the other three competitions were enough to see him to the top. Runner-up was P.A. Fitzpatrick who flew to Malta in Rockwell 112 G-BDEJ.

One last award deserving special mention was the "White-Campbell Trophy", presented for the first time to the Highest-Placed Aero Club by the Association of Aircraft Enthusiasts in memory of the two great friends of the Malta Rally who tragically lost their lives in Harvard G-ELLY during the 13th Rally. The Trophy, aptly depicting a T-6 aircraft, was won by the Sherburn Aero Club of the U.K.

During their stay in Malta the participants were treated to a varied programme of social and leisure events at some of the best spots on the Islands, culminating with the formal Prize-Giving Ceremony at the Dragonara Palace Hotel on Tuesday, June 21 st.

Concluding, the 1983 Rally was a very smooth run event with no serious snags, much to the satisfaction of the organizers and rallyists alike.

Aerospatiale TB.10 Tobago D-EGKO R. Meyer-Degering c/n 190
Beechcraft A36 Bonanza D-EFHI H. Kruse c/n E-1092
Beechcraft A36 Bonanza D-EKIX P. Greiner c/n E-1319
Beechcraft K35 Bonanza D-EMEF E. Becker-Boost. Runner-up Arrival competition. c/n D-5897
Cessna TR.182 Turbo Skylane RG II D-EEPY J. Gerken. Winner, Highest Placed Novice. c/n R182-01431
Cessna FR.172H Rocket D-EEYJ H. J. Schittko c/n FRI72-0322
Cessna 210L Centurion II D-ENIL H. Sontag c/n 210-60320
Mooney M20F Executive D-EJHE H. Herrmann c/n 670-388
Mooney M2OJ (201) D-ECMF Ms. M. Vos c/n 24-1011
Mooney M2OJ (201) D-ELLL K. Rother. Joint Third place Overall Air rally with W. Meile (D-ELLM). c/n 24-0675
Mooney M2OJ (201) D-EMOM J. Zlataric. Winner, Timed Section competition. c/n 24-0990
Mooney M20K (Turbo 231) D-ELLM W. Meile. Runner-up in the Highest Placed, Single-Engined Aircraft category. Joint Third place, Overall Air Rally, with K. Rother (D-ELLL) c/n 25-0236
Piper PA-28-235D Cherokee D-EFWN F. Pommar c/n 28-11374
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II D-EGKM W. Kessler. Winner, Longest Distance Flown competition, from Svalbard Langyera, Norway, 4728.86 km. 78 degrees 14 minutes 52 seconds North, 24 degrees 11 minutes East. c/n 28-8090223. Had a large LeKG.41 badge on the fin.
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II D-EMTC W. J. Muller c/n 28-7890501
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EEGT P. Beier c/n 1061
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EOHF H. Vedder c/n 1397
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EOHG Dr. H. Egyptien. c/n 1402
Rockwell RC 112 D-EHXK W. Haygis. Runner-up, Flight Planning competition. c/n 121
Beechcraft B.76 Duchess G-OPAT R. Holt. Winner, Flight Planning competition, Runner-up, Concours D’Elegance c/n ME-304
Cessna FR. 172K Hawk XP II G-FANL J. E. Balmer c/n 2873
Cessna F.182Q Skylane II G-ORAY C. Robinson. Runner-up, Timed Section competition. c/n 0132
Fuji FA.200/180 G-BCKS J. T. Hicks c/n 250
Grumman American AA.5B Tiger G-BJAJ Ms. G. Miller. Winner, Highest Placed Entrant. c/n AA5B-1177
Grumman American AA.5B Tiger G-JOAN Franz Opitz c/n AA5B-0703
Grumman American GA.7 Cougar G-REAT Dr. C. Markham c/n 0033
Partenavia P.68C Victor G-NEWU J. Terry. Winner, Overll Air Rally, Arrival and Concours d’Elegance competition. c/n 219
Robin DR400/160 Knight G-BAMS J. G. Ellis c/n 774
Rockwell RC 112A G-BDEJ P. Fitzpatrick. Winner, Highest Placed Single Engined Aircraft. Runner-up, Overall Air Rally c/n 073
Rockwell RC 112B G-CRIL K. Cochrane c/n 521
Cessna 402B HB-LNU J. Manini. c/n 0504. Carried "Rhone Airways" titling on the fuselage sides.
Cessna 340 II N1727G E. G. Shwarze c/n 340-0521. Based W. Germany.
Piper PA.24-250 Comanche N5425P Henry Schirmer Riley. Winner, Most Sporting Entry, shared with R. Meyers (N6032P) and Dr. S. Giray (N7355R) c/n 24-479
Piper PA.24-250 Comanche N6032P R. Meyers. Winner, Most Sporting Entry, shared with Dr. H. Riley (N5425P) and Dr. S. Giray (N7355R) c/n 24-1128
Beechcraft V35B Bonanza N7355R Dr. S. Giray. Winner, Most Sporting Entry, shared with Henry Schirmer Riley (N5425P) R. Meyers (N6032P) c/n D-9649
15th Edition, 23 - 28 June 1984

The following lists the main points from an article about the 15th edition of the Air Rally, which appeared in the Malta Aviation Yearbook, 1985, and was written by John Visanich.

The 1984 event was held at Luqa Airport from 23rd to 28th June. The majority of participating aircraft arrived on Saturday 23rd but, with Sunday also available for arrivals, five other aircraft opted for the second day bringing the total to 29 light planes. This year the aircraft park used was No.4 on the SW side of Luqa, being preferred by the organizers because of the larger ramp space available and the much better reception facilities close by.

As usual, most of the entries came from the UK and West Germany, 11 aircraft registered in each of these two countries making it to Luqa. Other entrants comprised two from Switzerland and one each from France, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands. There was also a lone US registered Cessna 340 (Eddie Schwarze's N1727G) which, however, is based in West Germany. A Piper Cherokee expected from Sweden cancelled at the last moment.

For the aircraft enthusiasts this must surely rank as one of the dullest rallies to date. Not only was participation lower than in previous years, but there was little to say in the way of interesting aircraft types. Apart from the usual Cessnas and Pipers, rarer types for the Malta Rally were a Socata ST.10 Diplomate (D-EALD), a TB.10 Tobago (D-EGKO) and a Robin RI 180 Algion (G-BJVV). Also noteworthy was Cessna T.21ON Turbo Centurion II OE-DUF which carried on-board radar, externally distinguishable by a streamlined pod under the starboard wing. Eyecatchers by their immaculate condition were, as usual, R. Holt's Duchess G-OPAT and K. Cocnrane's Rockwell RC112B G-CRIL which came first and second respectively in the Concours d'Elegance. Per Bruel's Aztec OY-BKI was the same aircraft he won the first rally of 1969 with; he still managed a respectable 7th place in the Concours d'Elegance despite competing against some brand-new types. For the third consecutive year there was no Maltese participation in the Rally, a fact which makes one wonder why as there are four light planes on the Island, two of which belong to two flying groups.

In closing, one must add that the Rally was run with the usual smoothness and professionalism which are now customary. When competing with similar events in other countries there's nothing that can be compromised in the way of quality. With the world recession slowly easing its grip on aviation, we can only augur that the number of participating aircraft exceeds the 50 mark in the future, as was the case a few years back.

The Aero Club Competition was won by the Sherburn Aero Club, consisting of aircraft G-OPAT, G-ORAY, G-BFGH and G-BJFK.

Runner-up was the Braunschweig Flying Club represented by N1727G, D-EEYJ, D-EGKO, D-ECMF and D-EEGT.

Cessna FR. 172H Rocket FR 1 D-EEYJ Runner-up, Aero Club Competition Braunschweig Flying Club N1727G, D-EEYJ, D-EGKO, D-ECMF, D-EEGT. 72-0322
Cessna FR. 172K Hawk XPII D-EFBP P. Landgraf. Longest Distance Flown Winner. FR172-0664. Arrived on the 24th.
Cessna F. 177RG Cardinal RGII D-EICY F177-0167
Mooney M20F Executive D-EJHE Most Sporting Entry, W. Herrniann. 670-388 Arrived on the 24th.
Mooney M2OJ (201) D-ECMF 24-1011
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II D-EMTC 28-7890501
Piper PA.28RT-201 Cherokeee Arrow IV D-EFPN 28R-7918143. Arrived on the 24th.
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EEGT Runner-up, Aero Club Competition Braunschweig Flying Club N1727G, D-EEYJ, D-EGKO, D-ECMF, D-EEGT. 1061.
Rockwell RC 112 D-EHXK Overall Air Rally Runner-up Highest Placed Single Engined Aircraft winner, Flight Planning Competition Runner-up W. Haygis 121.
SOCATA TB.10 Tobago D-EGKO Runner-up, Aero Club Competition Braunschweig Flying Club N1727G, D-EEYJ, D-EGKO, D-ECMF, D-EEGT. 190.
SOCATA ST.10 Diplomate D-EALD 128
Cessna F.172M Hawk II F F-BVIX 172-1239. Arrived on the 24th.
Beechcraft B.76 Duchess G-OPAT R. Holt. Overall Air Rally Winner, also winner of Arrival, Flight Planning & Concolurs d'Elegance. Won the Aero Club Competition along with G-ORAY, G-BFGH and G-BFJK, as part of the Sherburn Aero Club entry. ME-304.
Cessna R.172K Hawk XPII G-FANL R172-2873
Cessna F.182Q Skylane II G-ORAY Won the Aero Club Competition along with G-OPAT, G-BFGH and G-BFJK, as part of the Sherburn Aero Club entry. F182-0132.
Cessna F.337G Skymaster G-BFGH Overall Air Rally Third Place, Arrival Competition Runner-up, P. Fitzpatrick. Won the Aero Club Competition along with G-OPAT, G-ORAY and G-BFJK, as part of the Sherburn Aero Club entry. F337- 0081.
Gulfstream AA5A Cheetah G-HASL AA5A-0791
Gulfstream GA.7 Cougar G-BICF Dr. C. Markham. Winner, Timed Section Competition. GA7-107.
Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV G-DAAH A. Hunter Highest Placed Single Engined Aircraft Runner-up. 28RT-7931104.
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee G-AVNU Highest Placed Lady Entrant Z. Hussein Ellis Arrived on the 24th. 28-4153.
Piper PA-23 Aztec 25OF G-BFJK Won the Aero Club Competition along with G-OPAT, G-ORAY and G-BFGH as part of the Sherburn Aero Club entry. 7654137.
Robin R1180TD G-BJVV 279
Rockwell RC112B G-CRIL K. Cochrane, Concolurs d'Elegance Runner-up. 521.
Cessna 402B HB-LNU 402B-0504
Robin DR400/180 Regent HB-EQB 1389
Cessna 340 II N1727G Timed Section Competition Runner-up, E. Schwarze. Runner-up, Aero Club Competition Braunschweig Flying Club N1727G, D-EEYJ, D-EGKO, D-ECMF, D-EEGT. Based W. Germany. 340-0521.
Cessna T.21ON Turbo Centurion II OE-DUF 210-63973
Piper PA-23-250 Aztec OY-BKI 27-3207
Cessna 182R Skylane II PH-ERO 182-67960

16th edition, 22-26 June 1985

Twenty five aircraft participated for this year’s edition. 12, or 48%, came from the Federal Republic of Germany, 10 (40%) from the UK, 2 (8%) from Austria, and a lone entrant from Belgium. The Air rally was again won by Ray Holt, who had won the previous year with Beechcraft Duchess G-OPAT. British pilots carried six other awards, whilst their German counterparts won four, including the Aero Club Competition. One of the Austrian participants carried the Ladies Trophy.

The Aeroclub Competition was won by the Neuremberg FC, comprised of D-EDIP, D-EFWN, D-EHJE and D-EHXK. Runner up was the Sherburn FC which sent three aircraft (G-BFGH, G-ORAY and G-OZOI), whilst third place went to the Braunschwieg FC (D-EEBL and D-EEGT).

Cessna F182Q Skylane II D-EOYO   Arrived on the 21st. c/n F182-0087.
Cessna FR172K Hawk II D-EINT   c/n FR172-0663
R/Cessna Hawk XP II D-EFBP   P. Landgraf. Third place, Overall Air Rally. c/n FR172-0664
Cessna 182J Skylane D-EDIP G. Halbmeyer, Winner Arrival Competition. c/n 182-56741
Cessna P210L Centurion II D-EADR U. Bohmer. Winner, The Novice Trophy. c/n 210-60579, arrived on the 23rd.
Mooney M20F Executive D-EJHE   c/n 670-388
Piper PA-28-181 Archer II D-EGKM   c/n 28-8090223
Piper PA-28-235D Cherokee D-EFWN   c/n 28-11374
Piper PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV D-EEBL   c/n 28R-8031065
Rockwell 112 D-EHXK W. Haygis. Runner up Overall Air rally, and in the Flight Planning and Single Engined Aircraft Competitions. c/n 121
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EOHG H. Egyptien Runner up in the Concours d’Elegance and Spot Landing Competitions. c/n 1402.
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EEGT P. Beier Winner Timed Section. c/n 1061.
Belanca 7GCBC Citabria G-BGGB R. Wood. Winner, Most Sporting Entry Trophy. c/n 1105-79. First type to be seen in Malta.
Cessna F182Q Skylane II G-ORAY   c/n F182-0132
Cessna R182 Skylane RGII G-BGVT M. Barnes. Winner, Spot Landing Competition. c/n R182-00244, arrived on the 23rd.
Cessna 182RG Skylane G-OZOI Ray Holt. Winner, Overall Air Rally, Flight Planning, Concours d’Elegance and Highest-Placed Single Engined Aircraft catagory. Runner up, Timed Section Competition. c/n R182-01883
Cessna F337G Skymaster G-BGFH   c/n F337-0081
P. PA-23-250 Aztec G-COMM   “Commodore International Group” titles. c/n 27-3500.
Piper PA-30-160C Twin Comanche G-AZFO J. Westerman. Winner, Longest Distance Flown. c/n 30-1917, arrived on the 23rd.
Piper PA-30-160C Twin Comanche G-BKCL   c/n 30-1982
Robin DR400/160 Knight G-BAMS   c/n 774.
Robin R1180 Aiglon G-BJVV   c/n 279.
Cessna F182Q Skylane II OE-DND   c/n F182-0083
Cessna FR182 Skylane RGII OE-DVP D. Pflanzer Winner, The Ladies Trophy. c/n FR182-0014.
SOCATA TB20 Trinidad OO-RDL   c/n 325, arrived on the 23rd.

17th edition, 21-22 June 1986

This year attracted 35 entrants, up from 25 in 1985. Fifteen, or 42.86%, came from Germany, 13, or 37.14%, from the UK, 5 (14.29%) from Austria, 2 from Switzerland, and a lone entrant from Malta.

This year’s rally was again won by a Briton, Peter Mitchell, flying Cessna 402B G-MOTE, who also won the Flight Planning and Arrival Trophies. Another Briton, John Terry, carried the Concours d’Elegance, but German pilots carried a total of eight first prizes, including the Aeroclub Competition and the Ladies Trophy.

This year’s Aeroclub Competition was won by the Nuremberg Flying Club, (represented by D-EFWN, D-EHXK), with the runner up being the Braunschweig Aero Club (D-EEBL, D-EEGT, D-EEYJ, D-EGKO, D-GNFJ).

Aerospatiale Rallye El50ST 9H-AAY   3140
Beech V35B Bonanza D-EGUW   D-9505. Winner, Longest Distance Flown, Highest placed Single-Engined Aircraft, Arrival Competition Runner-Up, Concours D'Elegance Third place and Over all Runner-Up Dietrich Bauer.
Bolkow B0208C Junior D-EDNI   580. Arrived on the 22nd. Winner Most Sporting Entry, Susanna Jost
Cessna FA150L Aerobat D-ECGN   c/n FA1 50-0116. Ladies Trophy Liselotte Brost.
Cessna FR172H Rocket D-EEYJ   c/n FRl72-0322. Winner, Novice Trophy Jurgen Rosenau.
Cessna Fl82Q Skylane II D-EOYO   Fl82-0087
Piper PA28-140 Cherokee D-EKZA   28-20970
Piper PA28-181 Cherokee Archer II D-EBRC   28-8190243
Piper PA28RT-201T Turbo Arrow ]V D-EEBL   28R-8031065
Piper PA28-235D Cherokee D-EFWN   c/n 28-11374 Winner, Timed Section Competition, Wolf Geiwitz.
Piper PA44-180 Seminole D-GNFJ   44-7995084. Timed Section Competition Runner-Up,Ed Schwarze.
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EEGT   1061
Robin DR400/180 Regent D-EOHG   1402
Rockwell 112 D-EHXK   c/n 121. Overall Rally, Third place, Highest placed Single-Engined Aircraft Runner-Up and Flight Planning Competition Runner-Up, Wemer Haygis.
SOCATA TB10 Tobago D-EGKO   190
SOCATA ST10 Diplomat D-EALD   128
Beech B55A Baron G-BNBY   TC-1 347
Beech B55A Baron G-WOOD   TC-1 283
Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking G-VIKE   c/n 79-30911. Arrived on the 22nd. Concours D'Elegance Runner-Up Nicholas Scarr.
Cessna T303 Crusader G-INDC   John Terry Winner, Concours D'Elegance, Flight Planning Competition Third place and Longest Distance Flown Runner-Up c/n 00122.
Cessna 402B G-MOTE   Peter Mitchell. Overall Air Rally Winner and Arrival and Flight Planning Competitions. c/n 1046.
CEA/Jodel DR253 Regent G-AWCD   113
Gulfstream-American AA5A Cheetah G-BGFI   0733. Arrived on the 22nd.
Piper PA23-250 Aztec C G-COMM John Stevenson. Winner, Spot Landing Competition. 27-3500.
Piper PA28-181 Cherokee Archer II G-BFSY   28-7890200
Piper PA30-160C Twin Comanche G-BKCL Stephen Klinge. Longest Distance Flown Runner-Up. 30-1982
Rockwell 114 G-BOLT Den's Hooper.Timed Section Competition Third place. 14428.
SOCATA TBI0 Tobago G-BHDE   58. Arrived on the 22nd.
SOCATA TB10 Tobago G-BKIA   322.
Piper PA31T Cheyenne 1 HB-LLK   31T-7904014
Cessna 421C Golden Eagle II HB-LMA   42IC-0012. Arrived on the 22nd.
Cessna 182H Skylane OE-DDN   182-55998
Cessna 182P Skylane II OE-DID   182-64446. Arrived on the 22nd.
Cessna Fl82Q Skylane II OE-DNF   Fl82-0125
Rockwell 112A OE-DYF Berndt Kolbi. Arrival Competition Third place. 216. Arrived on the 22nd.
Mooney (201) M2OJ OE-DYK   24-0889. Arrived on the 22nd.

18th edition, 20-21 June 1987

A 21-plane rally, down by 14 aircraft over the previous year, the most unusual aircraft being a Gyroflug SC01 Speed Canard, which went one to win the Most Sporting Entry of the rally.

This year’s Aeroclub Competition was again won by the Neurenberg Aero Club, who also won in 1986. The Aeroclub was represented by Gyroflug SC01 Speed Canard D-ECAW and Rockwell 112, D-EHXK.

The runner-up was the Klingair Flying Club, represented by Beech B55A Baron G-BNBY and Beech B58P Baron G-BNKL.

The Longest Distance Flown Runner-Up trophy was not awarded. The first number, or letter/number combination in the notes section is the aircraft’s c/n.

Aerospatiale Rallye E15OST 9H-AAY 3140
Gyroflug SC01 Speed Canard D-ECAW S5. Most Sporting Entry, Rolf Janiak.
Gulfstream-American AA-5B Tiger D-EDNY AA5B-1096. Arrived on the 21st.
Piper PA28-140 Cherokee D-EEHO 28-20779
Piper PA28-181 Cherokee Archer II D-EGKM 28-8090223
Beech V35B Bonanza D-EGUW D-9505. Overall Rally Winner, Winner, Arrival Competition, Highest Placed Single-engined A/c, Timed Section Competition Third and Flight Planning Competition Third place, Dietrich Bauer.
Rockwell 112 D-EHXK c/n 121.Winner, Flight Planning Competition, Winner, Concours d'Elegance, Highest Placed Single-engined A/c Runner-Up, Overall Rally Runner-Up and Arrival Competition Runner-Up, Werner Haygis.
Mooney M2OJ D-EMOH 24-1599
Piper PA32R-300 Cherokee Lance EC-CVE 32R-7680079. Spot Landing Competition Runner-Up Alberto Lamas Garcia.
Robin HR.100/210 Royale G-BAEC 145
Piper PA28-140 Cherokee G-BCGT 28-24504
Piper PA34-200T Seneca II G-BDUN 34-7570163. Arrival Competition Third place Rodney Paris.
Reims-Cessna Fl72P Skyhawk G-BIDF 2045. Arrived on the 21st. Winner, Novice Trophy Colin Wilson.
Beech B55A Baron G-BNBY TC-1347. Winner, Timed Section Competition, and Winner, Longest Distance Flown Stephen Klinge.
Beech B58P Baron G-BNKL TJ-275. Concours d'Eiegance Runner-Up Erwin Klinge.
Piper PA23-250 Aztec C G-COMM 27-3500. Overall Rally Third place, Timed Section Competition Runner-Up and Flight Planning Competition Runner-Up Graham Stevenson.
Reims-Cessna 182P Skylane G-HUFF 0033/64076. Winner, Spot Landing Competition and Concours d'Eiegance Third place John Rees Keates.
Mooney M20K HB-DGO 25-0809 Arrived on the 21st.
Piper PA32R-301T Saratoga OE-KMU 32R-8229046
Robin R.1180TD Aigion PH-ECN 228 Arrived on the 21st.
Piper PA28-181 Archer II SX-AKI 28-7990330. Arrived on the 21st.

19th edition, 25-26 June 1988

A total of 13 participants, down from 21 in 1987, the majority (6) came from Germany, followed by 5 from the UK, and a single entrant each from Malta and Switzerland.

The winner of the Aero Club Competition was won by the Lions Club, represented by Cessna FR172K Hawk XPII D-EFBP and Beechcraft 95-55 Baron D-IKUB, the runner up being the Nurnberg Aero Club represented by Rockwell 112 D-EHXK and Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee D-EAKP.

Aerospatiale TB.9 Tampico 9H-ABJ c/n 209. Winner, Novice Trophy, Henry Cassar.
Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee D-EAKP c/n 28-8590048. Most Sporting Entry Peter Steffen.
Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II D-EDGA 28-8516024. Flight Planning Competition Third place, Timed Section Competition Third place and Spot Landing Competition Runner-Up, Woifgang Kessler.
Cessna FR172K Hawk XPII D-EFBP c/n FR172-0664. Overall Third place, Timed Section Competition Runner-Up , Flight Planning Competition, Highest Placed Single-Engined A/c Runner-Up and Winner, Longest Distance Flown, Peter Landgraf.
Rockwell 112 D-EHXK 121. Arrival Competition Third place, Flight Planning Competition Runner-Up and Concours D'Elegance Runner-Up, Werner Haygis.
Cessna 340A D-IADR 0441. Concours D'Elegance Third, Peter Boehmer.
Beechcraft 95-55 Baron D-IKUB TC-145. Timed Section Competition, Rolf Herrmann.
Piper PA-39 Twin Comanche 160 C/R G-AYZE c/n 39-92. Winner, Spot Landing Competition, James Balmer.
Gulfstream-American AA-5A Cheetah G-BGFI 0733
Beechcraft 58P Baron G-BNKL c/n TJ-275. Overall Runner-Up, and Arrival Competition Runner-Up and winner, Concours D'Elegance, Erwin Klinge.
Beechcraft 95-B55 Baron G-BUNY TC-2097
Reims-Cessna 182P Skylane G-HUFF c/n 0033/64076. Arrived on the 26th. Overall Winner Winner, Arrival Competition and Winner, Highest Placed Single-Engined A/c John Keats.
Piper PA-28R-201 Cherokee Arrow HB-PBR 28R-7837053


20th edition, 24-25 June 1989

This year saw participation at 19, an increase of six over 1988. But six entrants who flew in without participating pushed the number of attendees up to 25, practically doubling the number of entrants over 1988’s 13.

By nationality, Germany and the UK each provided 10 aircraft, although a UK entry was US-registered. Two French, two Austrian, and one Maltese entrant rounded up the rest.

Of the six pilots who didn’t participate, two were British, the remaining four being German.

Aircraft types saw several marks of Cessnas and Pipers (9 and 7 respectively), with single examples of the distinctively-shaped Bolkow Bo.208 Junior, Mooney and the more modern Hoffman Dimona motorised glider.

The list below lists all attendees by nationality. The date is day of arrival.

Socata TB.9 Tampico 9H-ABJ Leisure Flight Services Arrived on the 24th.
Piper PA-28-181 D-EAKP   Arrived on the 24th.
SOCATA TB.20 Trinidad D-EBRD   Attended, but didn’t participate. c/n 467.
Piper PA-28-161 D-EDGA   Arrived on the 24th.
SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 D-EDGF   Arrived on the 24th. 2-38 OO-SRB (OO- HEW)
Cessna 172 D-EFBP   Arrived on the 24th.
Piper PA-24-250 Comanche D-EFDA   Attended, but didn’t participate. c/n 24-2977 N7850P, N10F.
Cessna FR182RG Skyhawk D-EFNW   Arrived on the 24th, attendee only, didn’t participate.
Piper PA-28 Cherokee D-EFWN   Arrived on 24.06.89.
Rockwell International RC112 D-EHXK   Arrived on the 24th.
Piper PA-28RT-210T Turbo Arrow IV D-EKHW   Attended, but didn’t participate. c/n 28R-8031094.
Beechcraft F33 Bonanza F-GBRL   Arrived on the 24th.
Mooney M.20K Model 252 TSE F-GHBJ   Arrived on the 24th. c/n 25-1127
Piper PA-30 G-AVPS   Arrived on the 24th.
Piper PA-28-201RT Arrow G-BFTC   Arrived on the 24th.
Cessna F172M Skyhawk G-BIIB   Attended, but didn’t participate.
Cessna 421C Golden Eagle G-BNEZ   Arrived on the 24th.
Cessna 172P G-BSPE   Arrived on the 25th.
Falco FL8 G-BYLL   Arrived on the 24th.
Cessna 414 G-DYNE   Arrived on the 24th.
Cessna 182 G-HUFF   Arrived on the 25th. Overall Rally winner.
Cessna 210 G-MANT   Arrived on the 24th.
Hoffman H-36 Dimona OE-9209 c/n 3631. Arrived on the 24th.
MBB Bolkow BO208C Junior OE-AMB   Arrived on the 25th.
Cessna 414A II N27340   Attended, but didn’t participate.

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