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Airshows in Malta

On this page you will find reports/details about airshows/displays held in Malta. The history of airshows in Malta can basically be divided in three eras. Until March 1979, these were usually held by the British services in Malta (with the exception of the display held to inaugurate the extension of runway 32/14 in 1977). Between 1979 and 1992, such displays were organised by the Maltese government. 1993 saw the first staging of a proper annual air show with a variety of modern military aircraft, organised by the Malta Aviation Society, with the assistance of various government departments.

Also held annually since 1993 is the Wings over Ta’ Qali display organised by the Malta Model Aircraft Flying Association. Held at the long disused airfield of Ta’ Qali, this is not a proper airshow, as it mostly consists of scale model aircraft displays and flying. But the Armed Forces of Malta do participate by sending a couple of helicopters, as does the Italian Military Mission. The now defunct Malta Air Charter also on occasion participated by sending a Mi-8 on static display. The timing of the display has also varied, with no particular time of the year being adhered to.

The Armed Forces of Malta are also holding an open day, usually on the Sunday following the Malta International Airshow, in which the various equipment and techniques used are open to the public, and helicopters are included in the line-up

I am making no claim that I am listing all the airshows/displays held in Malta. Pre-1979, the shows listed are those for which the Maltese public were allowed entry. Suffice to mention that, from 1923 until 1965 – except for the war years – the Fleet Air Arm at Hal Far held regular annual air displays but these were restricted to members of the services and their families.

Any ex-servicemen who may be reading this, and want to add further information about these events are welcome to contact me at
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