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Having been a colony of Great Britain for 164 years (1800-1964), and serving as a base for Britain's Armed Forces for a further 15, Malta was introduced to the world of aviation from a very early start.

From the construction of the first seaplane base at Kalafrana in 1916 to the ravages of World War Two, the build up for the Suez canal, through four hi-jacks, and on to the Malta International Air show, Malta has seen almost all the uses an aircraft can be put to.

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The purpose of this site is to build up a record of aviation activity in Malta, past and present. It is an ongoing project, and I welcome any information/corrections which you can offer.

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A Wikipedia article about Malta can be found here.



This web site was re-styled 28 June 2006. For those of you who remember the old version, the individual buttons for each page have now been replaced by drop-down menus. The pages are now grouped together by subject, as detailed below. Red text indicates when that particular page was last updated. For your convenience, each page title is a link to the page itself.


Airfields & Airlines

Airfields - History of Malta’s airfields.


General/Commercial Aviation

9H- register – All the aircraft that ever carried the 9H- prefix.

Accidents (Civil) – A list of accidents that have taken place in/around Malta or to Malta-based aircraft. Updated 2021 page.

Air Rally – Details about the International Air Rally of Malta.

Deliveries – Aircraft that are known to have used Malta on their delivery flights. Updates to Jets, Props and Demonstrator (prop/jet) pages.

DC-3 – DC-3s seen in Malta for maintenance, just visiting, and celebrations.

DHC-4 Caribou – History and details of aircraft seen in Malta.

Malta-based – Aircraft based in Malta but never placed on the civil register here.

Aircraft Maintenance - Aircraft which came to Malta for maintenance purposes. Updated Aviation Cosmetics, Lufthansa Technic (Airbus 319, 320, 330, 350), SR Technic (all pages) & Safi (props/Jets) pages.

Planes on Film - Film/adverts shot in Malta, using aircraft that were Maltese owned, or were brought specially for the duration of the shoot.

Training Flights - Aircraft that visited Malta for the purposes of pilot training.

Yachts - Helicopters seen on board super yachts. Page created on 8th March 2009.


Military Aviation

Accidents (Military) – Accidents involving military aircraft.

Air Wing – History of the Air Wing of the Armed Forces of Malta.

Malta-based – Details of Air Force and Naval squadrons based in Malta until March 1979.

Military Deliveries Military aircraft delivered via Malta. Updates to Beech and Cessna pages

Naval visits – Visits by naval vessels capable of carrying aircraft and/or helicopters.

RAF Luqa – Details of RAF squadrons based in Malta, and exercises held in Malta until March 1979. Updated with quote.

Summer Camps – Details of Summer Camps held by both RAF and RN reserve squadrons


Air Shows

Armed Forces of Malta – Details of the Open Day held by the A.F.M.

Air Events – Aviation events not covered by air shows or open days.

Displays (Government) – Air show/displays organized by the Government of Malta.

Displays (non-Government) – Air show/displays organized by private individuals/organizations.

Malta Int’l Air Show – Details of aircraft that have attended listed by year. Also included are tables listing the aircraft indexed by type, as well as participation by country.

Royal Air Force – Air shows/displays or open days held by the British services until 1979. Corrections to RAF Diamond Jubilee page.

Wings over Ta’ Qali – An open day held at the previous airfield of Ta’ Qali.

Airshows Abroad - Description/details of airshows seen abroad.


Aviation Museum – The exhibits at Malta’s only aviation museum.

Fifty Years Ago – Brief description of aviation and military events which took place fifty years ago.

Quotes – A number of quotes from a number of sources, about a variety of subjects, not necessarily aviation.
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